Adventures in Canine Laser Therapy

Last week, prior to getting his chiropractic adjustment done, the vet added laser therapy to Maestro's list. image

It is a non-invasive treatment for his arthritis and Inter-vertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). In a nutshell, laser therapy stimulates sick cells to heal, to regenerate. The vet told us about a dog that was paralyzed. After laser therapy treatments, the dog was able to walk again, although it failed conventional nerve tests. That's because the damaged nerves were too far gone, so the laser therapy jump-started the cells to create a new bridge of neurons.

Maestro had cold laser therapy. At first, the vet used a wand that emitted light.



Maestro visibly relaxed on the table throughout the treatment. Then, the vet used a pen that delivered a laser/Acupressure combo treatment. He didn't like that part so much, but it did make a huge difference afterwards.

Today, Dr. Catherine said that Maestro didn't need a chiropractic adjustment. Just the laser therapy and infrared treatment.



Here are a couple of articles that describe laser therapy for cats, dogs and humans in more detail:

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In case you're wondering, yes, laser therapy is available for humans too.

The Light Relief machine I've been using on Maestro is a type of laser therapy. However, it's just at a much lower level..

Check out this newscast on pet arthritis and laser therapy:


Mille grazie to Dr. Catherine at Canine Aquafitness for allowing me to take photos today.