When You're Forced to Simplify

From Easter Break until the end of the school year is a long haul for teachers and students. Music teachers included.

Last year, I tried really hard to keep up with everything: teaching, choir, Japanese class, etc. etc. My reward? Bronchitis for two months with a bit of laryngitis thrown in.

Now, the last thing I want is to repeat that part of history, so I've started to let go of things sooner. One thing I let go of was Japanese classes. I'll keep up with my studies some way, some how, but not right now.

Earlier this year, I switched to a choir in which I am not the only pianist. That means I don't have to play every week. I don't even have to be there every week.

Then, my technology decided it's time to force me to simplify even more. My swanky waterproof Japanese smartphone has been overheating. I've been working with my supplier to troubleshoot the problem. In the meantime, I've gone back to my "dumb" phone. It's my trusty LG Keybo II.

Although I felt a little disconnected the first day, it really isn't that bad. I'm usually near a computer with Internet access.

Now, I do miss my apps. Overall, it's actually quite liberating to not have my smartphone.

I will get my smartphone fixed eventually. However, this forced simplification is giving me a chance to focus on tasks that require my full attention, so I'm taking it as a blessing in disguise.

Have you been missing the signs that you need to simplify your life a bit?