First Look at the Green Interactive Feeder for Dogs

image Maestro and I saw a really neat dog food dish on a recent jaunt to a neighbourhood pet store. It's perfect for a dog who dog eats too fast.

Called the Green Interactive Feeder - Eat Slow, it turns eating into a bit of a hunting and peck game. Fashioned after blades of grass, a dog has to root around to get to the food. It's quite different from the normal anti-gulp bowls I've seen.

The bright colour and design caught my attention right away. Maestro normally doesn't gulp his food down, although I've had to slow him down on a couple of occasions. Now, we do know a dog who does on a regular basis. We don't want him to get gastric torsion, so this eat slow dog dish alternative looks intriguing enough to try.


Here's a video showing some dogs trying out the Green Interactive Feeder:

Locally, Maestro and I found the Green Interactive Feeder - Eat Slow at Pet Valu. We'll have to get back to you on whether our other fave pet stores carry them. You can purchase this funky dog feeder online at and