THWOMP Interview: Hey! Listen! CD Release

Calgary-based Nintendo® cover band THWOMP is gearing up for two exciting projects. They will rock Edmonton on August 6, 2010 at Animethon 17. In the fall, they will release their debut CD.

THWOMP is comprised of Calgarians Brad Stanton (lead guitar), Colin Mitchel (lead guitar), Scott Munro (bass), Scott Moffat (drums), David Marshall (keyboards/percussion) and Kirk McVean (keyboards). Band members Brad Stanton and Dave Marshall took time out from THWOMP’s rehearsal schedule for an exclusive chat with Suite 101. Last time, they discussed their songwriting process. In this segment, they discuss the band’s upcoming CD release.

THWOMP Debut CD Release Fall 2010

"It’s sort of is in and odd state of being officially and not officially released yet," explained Dave. "I don’t think CD’s are officially released until you have a CD release party, which we haven’t done."

The recording for THWOMP's debut CD was made during the band's early years (pre-Dave and pre-Kirk). Their friend Brian (who performs with Dave and Brad in another group) took several recording courses did the recording. "Just live off the floor, everybody playing at the same time and hoping that nobody would screw up in a 15-minute song," said Dave. "That didn’t go that well, so it actually took a few retakes."

Then, the material sat in stasis for a few years. By the time the group had a chance to review the recording, they weren't happy with the quality.

The band realized that there is a huge opportunity to sell merchandise at anime conventions and comic conventions. "We decided to just get off our asses and finish it," said Dave. This time, they called upon their buddy Ryan Sadler of Spectratone Studio to re-engineer it. "We recorded my tracks on top because when it was originally recorded, I wasn’t in the band yet."

The CD artwork was done by a talented family friend, "Kaitlin Reckord. She’s only 16. She’s a student in an art school in town...She did a great job," chimed in Brad.

With THWOMP's Animethon 17 performance on August 6, 2010, they guys have their hands full. They will nail down details for their fall CD release party (to "officially" release their CD) and begin designing a new t-shirt after Animethon.

They also have set their sights beyond Alberta. "We’re going to set our minds into getting into some conventions we haven’t been in yet, like the ones out in Vancouver and hopefully the ones in Washington, if possible," added Dave.

THWOMP is a Nintendo® cover band that brings to life the music from classic Nintendo® and Super Nintendo® video games. The band is comprised of Calgarians Brad Stanton (lead guitar), Colin Mitchel (lead guitar), Scott Munro (bass), Scott Moffat (drums), David Marshall (keyboards/percussion) and Kirk McVean (keyboards). To learn more about THWOMP, the band or to listen to audio clips, visit their website and Myspace page.

To find out about THWOMP's CD, entitled "Hey! Listen", check out my album review. Ordering information is also there.

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