Happy Passover 2013

The evening of Monday, March 25, 2013 marks the beginning of Passover. This tradition is observed every year by people of the Jewish faith worldwide.

Passover is in Christian history as well, since the Torah does make up the Christian Old Testament.

This tradition goes back, way back to the 10 plagues and the time Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt.

It is a tradition that commemorates the Jewish people's exodus from Egypt. On the night before their escape, they shared a meal with unleavened bread, matzo.

This seder plate shows a zeroah (roasted bone), beitzah (hard-boiled egg), maror (horseradish root), charoset (chopped apple, ground walnuts and red wine), karpas (small slice of onion, boiled potato or sprigs of parsley dipped in salt water), chazeret (romaine lettuce),

For more information, check out Passover, Passover - History & Overview or, non-Jewish folk can crack open a Bible to the Book of Exodus.

If you would like to attend a Passover Seder Meal, check out the International Seder Directory.

Happy Passover!