Using Progressives for Music Experiment - Day 3

This will be done in two parts. This is from the first half of my day. I had trouble staying asleep last night, thanks to the nausea. Thankfully, I discovered that I still had Gravol in the house. While waiting for the feeling to subside, I did do some research.

Most people who've had more than one pair of progressives say to wear them for as long as possible to speed up the adjustment process. This coincides with what my optometrist's office said.

The second thing I learned was that nausea is normal during this timeframe. However, patients with progressives say that if you're still having trouble after two weeks of "constant wear", you should talk to your optometrist to either get your a different prescription, a different type of progressive lens or to exercise your money back guarantee. To my chagrin, I didn't find out until after I ordered from my optometrist that there I do NOT have a money-back guarantee. I do, however, have a 90-day non-adapt (i.e. normal single-vision wear) clause.

I shall continue on my path to doubling my wearing time each day.

Time Length Goal: 2 hours minimum Time Length Progressives Worn: 3:38 PM - 8:20 PM (5 hrs. 42 min.) Tasks: Cleaning the studio, computer work and practicing piano Part of the Lenses Used: 90 % Intermediate distance, 5% Long Distance, 5% Near "Fine-Print" Distance (only 2% intentional)

Feelings and; Symptoms Felt: Mild headache in occipital lobe area, gradually spreading across my entire head in a circle as it increased in intensity. Mild nausea today, which increased. Went from feeling disoriented, to "all right" to downright angry.

Video Clip 1: Cleaning the Studio 

Part 2 will cover working on the computer and practicing piano with progressives.

Day 3 Conclusions - Part 1:

What's the point of that bottom part for reading? For me, someone who spends 90% of my reading time at the intermediate distance, that bottom "fine print" range at the bottom of the lenses is useless. I have to go out of my way to find things to try reading out of that area of the lens.