Musicians and Progressives Experiment - Day 4

When I bought more Gravol today, I took a close look (with my intermediate range vision) at the dosage instructions on the box. It says not to exceed six lozenges a day. Gravol - a necessity while trying to adapt to progressive lenses.Photo by R-M Arca.

Since I've started taking the Gravol at 4:38 AM Saturday morning, I've polished off a box of 20. That's 10 a day, not including the two drowsy Gravol pills I took before bed. Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

These were today's goals for my progressive glasses: Time Length Goal: 6 hours minimum Time Length Progressives Worn: 12:23 PM - 8ish PM (almost or just about 8 hours). Tasks: Chores, driving, studio-related errands, cooking and eating, computer work Part of the Lenses Used:  49% Intermediate distance, 49% Long Distance, 2% Near "Fine-Print" Distance (accidental) Progressives and chores aren't too bad. Better than Day 3. Wearing progressives while driving, however, was challenging. Shoulder checking and turns were difficult. For someone who relies on her peripheral vision extensively for musical and non-musical tasks, the distortion in those areas is aggravating.

The guitarist in our choir mentioned that he cannot drive with his progressives on. He has a dedicated pair for driving. I can see why. I'm afraid to try driving again with progressives on, especially since I could have caused an accident here:


I will try again after I have several days of "mostly progressives" days, which will start...tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'll be able to wear them for more than 12 hours, but I'll try. Our choir director has given the go-ahead to film a small part of this week's rehearsal with and without progressives for the experiment.  I'm so glad I spoke to my father about progressives. His pair sounds more do-able by each passing non-nauseated second. Not sure how well they'd work for music and driving, though.

I'm also curious as to how professional athletes deal with this issue. I imagine their vision focus needs are similar to musicians. Feelings and Symptoms Felt: Fine for the first three hours. A mild headache in the occipital lobe area, which gradually spread across my entire head in a circle as it increased in intensity. It was worst above my eyes. Nausea worsened while driving and reached the point of wanting to assume the fetal position and cry or run for the nearest washroom.