Musicans and Progressives Experiment - Day 6 Part 1

(11:15 AM) A pattern is starting to emerge but for me to be certain, I need to test it. It would seem that there is a positive correlation between the severity of my nausea to the length of time I wear the progressives for. I will test this by trying to wear these progressive lenses for as long as possible today. I've only told two people at this point, two who will not colour the experiment in progress. I don't want external opinions and suggestions to influence the day. My dear colleagues have been hankering for me to return the glasses for several days now.

You may ask, "Why are you doing this?" Well, two reasons. First,  you need at least three recurrences to really show that there is a pattern. The second time could be a fluke but if something recurs three or more times, then you know there's something. Second, I feel that I need to show that I really am trying.

Time Length Goal: Minimum 8 hours or until I can no longer carry out my tasks for the day/night Time Length Progressives Worn: 11:05 AM - 8ish PM (9 hours) Tasks: Chores, cooking and eating, computer work, Tai Chi, teaching music, choir rehearsal Part of the Lenses Used: All three areas but am using my eyes as normally as possible.

By the way, I should also say I needed two drowsy Gravol before bed last night. Here's the first part of my day:

(12:21 PM) Light nausea. Not enough to pop a Gravol. Will eat cookies instead.

(12:30 PM) Got a splinter putting a soup can in recycling. Tried to use the "fine-print" vision range. Found that it was too blurry. I could see the splinter so clearly when I relied on my own near-sightedness (i.e., sans glasses).

(12:45 PM) Headache is starting in occipital lobe region. Starting to wind its way forward around my head.

(2:00 PM) Just finished teaching a one-hour lesson. Floaty head. Lovely.

(2:45 PM) Head in forehead is starting to hurt. This makes computer work truly lovely.

(3:02 PM) Perfect! Nausea is steadily increasing as I continue to work on the computer. Time for two Gravol and a much needed break to fortify myself to teach.

(3:33 PM) Need another two Gravol. Nausea continues to worsen. Eyes flitting at music, hands, student and studio cameras, which is standard fare. I'm not even done teaching second student of the day!

(4:20 PM) Just finished teaching Student #3. Was just about to vomit over the piano while demonstrating a new piece to a student. I'm still shaking.

On one hand, I'm not impressed. On the other hand, I'm happy to see that my original hypothesis of whether progressives could be used for music, is being proven correct. Gloriously so. Will force another two Arrowroot-type cookies down and try to pace the Gravol. Either way, overdosing on Gravol or cookies isn't something I want to do for the long-term.

At this rate, I should ask my friend to pack me a barf bag for choir practice. I'm also thinking that instead of doing the rehearsal with the progressives on, I'll show how musicians' eyes move in normal (read: single-vision lens) situations. It all depends upon how the last two lessons go.

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