Friday Fun Link #23

Whoops! I nearly forgot to post today's Friday Fun Link. What can I say? I got carried away with errands and housecleaning (a true sign that I'm getting older). Although I did take a detour to McNally Robinson today and heard an accordionist play at the cafe. She played wonderfully. We had a good chat afterwards. Did you know that there are over 100 accordion schools in Europe? Today's fun link comes from the Dallas Symphony's DSO Kids website. There are several games on the site. Enjoy!

PS: On another note, I'm another step closer to solving the Site Feed issue. It was a two-fold problem, 1 - typing up blog entries in Word, copying and pasting into a blog is a no-no. I deleted between 4 and 48 extraneous codes per blog entry because Word added code that was incompatible; and 2 - Blogger uses Atom 0.3 and apparently 1.0 is the standard; which means more code needs to be adjusted. It's a slow ongoing process, at least until Blogger upgrades to 1.0. Stay tuned!

Off to practice now. I'm playing at a wedding tomorrow and need to pad the beginning of Canon in D to make sure that the bride's entrance is timed perfectly with the climax of the song.

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