Why Study Music?

Historians have found that the further back into history we go, the more important music was to older civilizations. Ancient Greeks, for example, believed that music was the key to the cosmos. Pythagoras the famous mathematician, not only developed the theorem for right angles, but was lauded for his discovery of the ratios of intervals in music. Both were considered of equal importance. The benefits for studying music

haven’t changed much over the centuries. Numerous studies have shown that students who study music, achieve higher grades than their non-musical counterparts. Higher grades is just part of the equation. Here is just a synopsis of the benefits:

  • time and project management skills
  • analytical skills
  • improved academic performance (between 34 – 80% higher), especially in math and the sciences
  • high spatial-temporal abilities
  • enhanced communication skills
  • teamwork skills (ensemble work)

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