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Online Music Resources Spotlight:

This little gem has been around for several years. Long enough to amass a wide selection of music games, music quizzes and help pages. The Music Worksheets page gives students extra practice on basic rudiments and composition. There are also print mazes that feature a famous composer and/or performer.

Students can improve their note reading, ear training and more on the computer,  Photo by R-M Arca.

The Links page provides links to post secondary music schools, music software and music educators. is a very useful online resources for music students and music teachers alike!

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Online Music Resources Spotlight: Making Music Fun

Making Music Fun is a friendly site with music games, music worksheets, free sheet music and music resources. These are geared toward beginner to early intermediate-level students.
There is a nice selection of note-naming worksheets as well as interval worksheets. They are visually appealing to young students. There are also composer word searches. 
Making Music Fun is well laid out. Visit the Music Library and learn all about a composer. There are composer biographies, worksheets, lesson plans and sheet music.  You can also access this information in the Print It section.
There is also an arcade, which contains two music theory games ("Music Distress" and "Eek Shark!"). All worksheets are available for free.
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Music Blog Spotlight: Dianna Denley Music Blog

I'm slowly catching up on reading my music teacher newsletters. APTA News has started highlighting music blogs that members find helpful or interesting.
Dianna Denley's Music Blog shares music resources for the piano and violin, from music book recommendations to practice/practise helps.

It looks like this year, they've got a Harry Potter theme for their incentive program, complete with sorting cards, shields and a jar of bezoar. What a neat idea!

I think Maestro would get upset if I changed Maestro's Musical Quest to a Harry Potter theme, so we'll keep tweaking what we have.
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The Truth About Piano Lessons

"The Truth About Piano Lessons" takes a  good, hard look at what music lessons entails - for the student and his/her family. The benefits of music education, learning piano and modern parenting, the process of practicing and learning piano and what parents can do to help are addressed.

Speedlinking December 19, 2011 Edition

One of these days I will get to musing on something regarding this teaching year. Today isn't one of them.
In the meantime, please check out these fantastic posts by my colleagues:
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Useful Music Websites

A great big thank you to my teaching colleagues on LinkedIn for sharing their favorite music websites:

Children's Music Workshop: Music Education Online
Play Piano Today - a look at Pattern Play Piano
Music Learning Community
Susan Paradis' Piano Teaching Resources


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