practice tips

Using Music Practice Plans

The bottom line is that it’s not how much time you practise on your instrument for, but how you manage your practice time, and how often. You can save a lot of time in the long run if you have a practice plan and goals, and if you have ideas on how to reach them.

Music Practice Tip: All Musicians Should Sing the Music

This music practice tip is something I should get my students to do more regularly: sing the music. Too often, we get hung up on the mechanics of music, that is, the notes and the rhythm. Well, that’s all good and dandy, but we’re not robots. When we bring music to life, we are telling a story through sound and silence.

Music Practicing 101: The Looping Drill

The Looping Drill is one of my favourite drills since it can be used at any stage of music mastery.

Professional Musicians Talk About Practicing

I tracked down three neat (and short) video clips of professional musicians discussing practicing music. There's some neat practice tips and ideas.

6 Steps to Self-Regulated Practicing

According to super-cool professor Dr. John Picone, there are six steps to self-regulated practicing. Master these and you will learn your music quickly and efficiently.