how to practice piano

Music Practicing 101: The Looping Drill

The Looping Drill is one of my favourite drills since it can be used at any stage of music mastery.

6 Steps to Self-Regulated Practicing

According to super-cool professor Dr. John Picone, there are six steps to self-regulated practicing. Master these and you will learn your music quickly and efficiently.

Face and Neck Stretches for Musicians

Doing regular neck and face stretching exercises improves musician health, leading to increased flexibility, dexterity, coordination and blood circulation.

Music Exam Tips

Identify any patterns, chords, etc. that will help you learn your music better. Photo by R-M Arca. I was going to write a post listing some useful articles about how to prepare for a music examination. While cleaning up my music teaching blog, Musings at Musespeak, I found that I already did. Here's my Piano Exam Tips - Speedlinking post.


Using the Circle of Fifths to Practice Technique

This popped into my head while I was teaching a lesson  last week. I asked my student to play her Grade 8 piano technique by going through the Circle of Fifths. Not only was it quickly evident that my student needs to review her key signatures, but it also was clear that she was used to practicing her technique in a certain order. However, during a music examination, you have no clue which of the required technical elements you will be asked to play. It is important to mix things up regularly.

In this piano lesson tutorial, I demonstrate what how my student practiced her piano technique using the Circle of Fifths approach.

Music Practicing 101 - Alternating Hand/Bar Drill

My students and I started playing around with this practice drill last week. It's an accuracy drill to clean up notes, fingering and wonky timing. Try playing the left hand alone in bar 1 and then right hand alone in bar 2, etc. Check out this video for a demonstration.

Sight Reading Tips

While cleaning up some archived entries on my teaching blog, I found this one on sight reading tips, called (predictably) Sight Reading Tips. Here are some other articles and vblogs that I've come across that also address how to practice sight reading.

This is a pretty good tutorial. I like the driving analogy.