Fixing My Case of WordPress Database Bloat

Last week, my WordPress Multi-site network went down - again. Some research revealed that I had a case of WordPress Database bloat. I had to delve deeper in the IT world than I have ever gone before to fix it.

Eric Whitacre on Creativity and Inspiration

Virtual Choir's Head Geek, Eric Whitacre, gives an inspiring talk on creativity, inspiration and on keeping your nose to the grind in Brussels.

Konnichiwa Minna-san!

こんにちは みなさん!はじめまして。 I've been studying Japanese for nearly a year-and-a-half. "Doushite?" you ask? It just seemed like a natural progression seeing as I watch many shows in Japanese (anime and live action) and have quite a few JPop and JRock artists on my mp3 player. Then, there's my karaoke set list.

There are several books that I would like to read "raw", seeing as it is unlikely they will be translated into English. Ditto with some of the music scores that I've ordered from CD Japan. Someday!

Everything looks cooler when you write with a fude pen. Photo by R-M Arca.

わたし は おたくです。So here is an account of my journey of learning Japanese and appreciating the fun and the wacky aspects of life that the Japanese culture has to share. またね!

World Music Exploration - In the Pines

Well, here we are at the beginning of another exciting year of music making. Summer was busy with a handful of summer students, a couple of gigs and just doing "house stuff" (both inside and out).
My students and I will resume our World Music Exploration with the United States. This week, we are checking out the traditional American folk song called In the Pines
It dates back to the 1870s and supposedly hails from the Southern Appalachian region. As with many folk songs, the composer is unknown. However, it has been recorded by several prominent musicians, from Lead Belly to Dolly Parton and from Joan Baez to Nirvana.
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Piano Technique Links

With exams coming up, is it any wonder us teachers are asking to hear those pesky scales, chords and arpeggios more often?

Here are some useful links/articles to help improve your piano technique:

Feel free to suggest other sites as well.

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Fifth Honens International Piano Competition Begins in October

This is a special year for pianists and piano music lovers. It marks the Fifth Honens International Piano Competition. Held every three years, young pianists from around the world audition to qualify to compete What sets Honens apart from other competitions is the professional development assistance provided to the Honens Laureates. Honens presents over 50 concert, education and outreach events in Calgary and across Canada annually. This year's competition and musical celebration runs from October 19 - November 3. To find out more about the competition, the celebration concerts and student master classes, please visit the Honens website.

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