Truly Inspirational

Patrick Henry Hughes - Transforming "Disabilty" into Endless Possibilities

Thanks to my hair stylist for this inspiring clip about Patrick Henry Hughes. This phenomenal young man is blind and has some condition that severely limits his movement. He travels in a wheel chair and is unable to stretch out his arms. He plays a wonderful version of Debussy's Clair de Lune and plays trumpet in a university marching band. Yes - a marching band!

Here's the clip:

As the newscaster says, "Patrick Hughes plays so that we might hear the music of opportunity and the sound of potential."

What an inspiration to us all.

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Deaf Percussionist Talks About "How" to Listen

Deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie gives an impressive demonstration-talk on how to listen. She clearly shows viewers how to listen by using your entire body as a resonator. Evelyn also highlights how our experience of a sound can differ, depending on our location and our role (creator, audience). This piece of advice resonates in other aspects of life: Relax, open yourself up and you can listen better. You can become one with your instrument/car/cooking/studying/[insert activity here]. Here's the video:

There's a humorous moment in the middle when she asks the audience if they heard what she just did. And another when she tries to get the audience to clap "snow".

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