Post-Secondary Music Programs

Music Degree Programs at Colleges and Universities in Alberta

An overview of the various post-secondary music degree programs and diploma programs available in Alberta, Canada at accredited colleges and universities.

Music Students With Blogs - Speedlinking

Another short entry. Yes, it is indeed "crazy" season, when students and teachers find it hard to keep up with the pace, which only seems to push forward with an unceasing accelerando. Here are a few blogs I've found written by music students. They provide an interesting view of the trials and tribulations of studying music:

UMS Student Blog Vocal Chords


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Audio Editing & Sequencing Programs and Education

For those who would like to try their hand in audio editing or sequencing, check out these cool programs: Audio editting:

Sequencing (notation):

If you're interesting in pursing this as a career and plan to study in Alberta, head to:

International readers - if you can recommend any schools or programs on this subject, please write!

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