Physical Health

On Muscle Memory and Sword Techniques

In January, I celebrated the one-year anniversary of my return to martial arts training. It has been quite the journey, relearning Iaido sword techniques along with Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu waza. The past year has been an adventure in rediscovery and debugging. It has also been one of adventure as I began studying two additional martial arts: Jodo and Kage Ryu.

I Love My Merrells

My feet were so sore after volunteering at the Calgary Expo. For the Calgary Japanese Festival, I made one important switch: different footwear. My Merrell barefoot shoes gave me the sense of being on terra firma all day long. Happy feet and back.

Thermotex Personal Therapy System Product Review

The Thermotex Infrared Therapy System is a portable light therapy device to provide relief for chronic therapy, neck pain, spinal pain and more.

Volunteering in the Community

Volunteering is good for the community's health as well as your own! Check out some ideas and volunteer groups that I've tracked down.