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My 20 Piece Polishing Challenge

My 20 Piece Polishing Challenge

With more of my students moving up to the upper intermediate and advanced grades, I myself need to get back into shape. Sure, I know their pieces well enough to teach them, but they are by no means polished. Nor do they need to be, but what better way to get my solo piano polishing skills back up than by starting with my students' pieces?

On Becoming a Bulletproof Musician

On Becoming a Bulletproof Musician

The theme at last week’s group classes was becoming a bulletproof musician. The idea has been percolating in my mind ever since I discovered Dr. Noa Kageyama’s blog on performance anxiety and mindful practice, called The Bulletproof Musician.

Piano Parties: Giving music students a comfortable place to perform, learn and socialize

Piano parties are one of the popular events at my studio. This year's piano parties got off to a grand start with the Halloween Piano Party.

Becoming an Inside In Musician

Are you an "inside in" musician? Or an "outside out" musician? Learn from Maestro St. Clair how music is transformed when you explore the whispers and the silence between the notes to transform into music.

Using Progressives for Music - Pre-Experiment Video

To give everyone a frame of reference as I start my "Using Progressives for Music" experiment, here are some videos taken of me practicing with my single vision lenses. Sight-reading example:

Drilling a student's piece:

Practicing ensemble music on piano:

Practicing conducting:

I'll repeat these experiments (and more) with the progressives.