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Terrific Thursday Link #4

Sorry, I just noticed that there was no fun link last week. Life is really chaotic around here. I'd give you the list but that would take too long. And frankly, one spinning head is enough in this world. Let's just say that I, like my colleagues are eagerly awaiting the end of June (23 sleeps).

Here, check out this link - Music Tech Teacher - Piano Key Words Quiz. Yes, it's another note naming site and yes, it's deliberate. Teachers get cranky when students are still struggling with note names after a year (or more) of lessons. They also get cranky when students refuse to fix rhythm and notes in songs they've had all year and when they refuse to read directions or insist on pounding the bejeebers out of the keys. But let's save that rant for another day, shall we? (c) 2006 by Musespeak(tm), Calgary, AB, Canada. All rights reserved.