Isn't it Funny?

Calgary Japanese Festival 2013 Blooper Reel

Some of you asked for it and the ChibiSamuai delivers. Here's my blooper reel of the Calgary Japanese Festival.

Renshikan Karate Demonstration at the 2013 Calgary Omatsuri

Some information and a video clip of the karate demonstration at the 2013 Calgary Japanese Festival.

Kotatsu ga suki desu!

Oh, how I love my kotatsu. On an episode of Minami ke Taidaima, the Minami sisters warmed up their clothes using their kotatsu. I can tell you that works well.

Here, I'm testing to see how well my kotatsu can do at drying drool-sodden toys. If only my dog would leave the toy under the heater. That's him snoozing in the corner.